ICHFW is one of a small, but growing organization that practice strategic philanthropy for improving the health status of people of our country. Initiatives or practices promoted by our organization bolster community health, protect the environment, or improve the quality of life. While working in community we always try to achieve our main aim that is “MAKING HEALTH A UNIVERSAL PHENOMENON” and to achieve this we need your support. It is you who provide strength to our ideas and inspire us to work with more enthusiasm towards our aims and objectives.


To run our day to day activities and to finance our ongoing projects we do fund raising in many ways. This includes corporate partnerships, direct mailers( cheques and drafts), donation boxes,and volunteer service for ICHFW in any possible way you can along with this we also provide commercial health care activities .You can also help ICHFW by taking our services according to your health care requirements .

With a team of more than hundred dedicated doctors and paramedical personals who are committed for the upliftment of health status of community , we provide you the state of art health care services at your place .Specialties covered by us include Obstetrician and gynecologist , Pediatrician, General physician , Maternal and child health specialist , Dermatologist & Venerologist , Leprologist , Chest and T.B specialist , Ophthalmologist , ENT specialist etc.

We have a comprehensive rehabilitation team comprising of :-

  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Speech therapist
  • Special educator
  • Child psychologist
  • Program coordinators

Special health activities organized by ICHFW

  1. We organize special health checkups for schools, colleges, offices, industries, corporate houses, organizations etc.
  2. We conduct information , education and communication programs and health campaigns for schools, educational institutes like engineering and management colleges, social organizations etc.
  3. We run various specific health screening programs for people of all age group.Some of these programs are as follows:-
    • Hypertension,diabetes,obesity screening
    • Anemia screening
    • Speech and hearing problem screening
    • Ophthalmological ( eye ) screening
  4. You can also contact us for any medical consultation and health related issues and to have customized health module according to your health needs.